Start Your Transformation

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Receive a kit and schedule your transformation appointment

Kit Contains:

  • 2 cotton swabs
  • 2 small tubes and caps
  • 800 ul of solution
  • 1 pipet
  • Temperature controlled return box  

Kit Directions:

Swab the inside of your cheek for 10 seconds with each cotton swab. Swirl each swab into a tube after pipetting in 400ul of solution. Send your sample back to our lab in the temperature controlled box.

What Comes Next:

Within a week of mailing back your sample, we will be in touch to schedule your transformation shot. Back at our labs, we will be growing a mixture or your DNA and your selected Tribe DNA into an injectable solution customized just for you!

Transformed members can join our seasonal symbiotic events and share fun experiences that enhance spaceship earth